Zar Head

‘Zar Head’ is a very powerful move that’s meant to expel negative energy from the body so take a lot of care with this move. If you have had any neck problems in the past, including whiplash, it is best not to attempt the ‘Zar Head’. Before attempting this move, begin by fully stretching the neck.  (You can find a good neck stretch in the warm-up section of Shimmy Episode 2 and Episode 24.)  Next, get a feel for the movement slowly. Keeping your teeth clenched (this is very important to prevent injury), tuck your chin to your chest, roll your head towards your left shoulder, then back to chin to chest, then roll your head to your right shoulder. Tuck your chin to chest again, roll head to the left, then ONLY return your head to a neutral upright position so your eyes look straight ahead (do not roll your head back so that you are looking up at the ceiling). Finally, roll your head to the right shoulder and finish by tucking your chin to your chest. Note that your head never goes back beyond a neutral position. You are allowing your head to roll in front of you and never behind.  Only practice this a few times, then a few times in the opposition direction then move onto a grounding move like the ‘Village Shimmy‘ to avoid neck strain and dizziness.