Episode 24 - Down the Nile

Dance Level: Intermediate

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zone: Belly, Glutes and Thighs

A belly dancer’s power comes from her hips so we begin this episode with a series of seated hip-opening exercises then move the energy up the body, stretching and strengthening the back, shoulders and neck. The ‘Ghawazee Step,’ ‘Side-Step Arm Sweep,’ and ‘Cabaret Shimmy’ give this episode an Egyptian belly dance flavor. ‘Maya Hips’ and the ‘Egyptian Figure Eight’ can be challenging movements, so intermediate and advanced dancers should layer the arm movements. If it is too tough though, it’s okay just to stick with concentrating on those sensuous hips. For extra pizazz, try using a veil in the final performance section. Master these steps and you’ll be ready for the Cairo cabarets in no time!


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