There have been many things said about the dances that Manon creates and they can all be condensed into one single word – inspiring. That’s what she does. There’s an honesty about her performances that will remind you that hope is legitimate and life is worthy of celebration.


She began the journey of the belly dancer years ago under the master tutelage of Nabeela El Shalimar. Her talent has led to performances throughout the continental United States, Canada and Europe in theaters, cabarets, festivals and family celebrations. She currently lives and performs as a belly dancer in Seattle, where you can see her present Oriental Dance in local restaurants, stage shows and community events. She is the co-founder and participant of the belly dance collective, Artists Circle, and can also be seen with Les Femmes Fatin. Aside from dancing, she is a financial accountant, loves the color purple and her favorite Sesame Street character is Cookie Monster.


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