Women belly dancing in the rain at night 


 “Shimmy is a great experience to learn belly dancing moves and exercise without the feeling of exercise!!” – Ashla S



“Absolutely amazing what it does for you….and how good it feels!!”  – Tabitha E



“Shimmy is my absolute favorite workout. It’s addictive!  Since there isn’t any jumping, it’s also great for apartment dwellers! The improvement in my abs and my arms was not to be believed – after just 2 weeks, I noticed a huge difference, no more flabbiness under my arms and my abs became much more defined.” – NYCLeila



 A group of women belly dancing on the beach with colorful silk veils



“Thank you Shimmy! You all helped save my life! I was dangerously overweight but healthy eating & Shimmy every day has helped me lose 165 lbs!!!  I’m healthy, active & enjoying life thanks to these fun, BEAUTIFUL workouts! Love you all!”  – Sally M



“I have seen other belly dancing instruction videos and these are the best I have seen, bar none. Not only are the steps broken down so they are not complicated, they really show the beauty of the dance. I have tried to learn belly dance in a lot of different ways. An overcrowded classroom is no substitute for the fun and privacy of learning in my home.   My girlfriends and I get together once a week for Shimmy time and I needed to purchase the series as soon as I discovered it was available so now we aren’t tied to the tv schedule. It’s so nicely presented we all find it inspiring!”  – Brandy



 “Belly dance is specifically designed for the women’s body and it works!” – Colinda P



 Belly dancer doing a hair flip in the night lights



“I love the fact that there are dancers of all shapes and sizes and colours and the fact that the narrator identifies them. You feel like you are just dancing with friends rather than anonymous Barbie Dolls.”  – Chara



“I started doing SHIMMY 1 yr ago as a form of physio for a back injury (fracture.. motorcycle vs transport). THANK YOU! I have improved my range of motion, balance, fine motor skills, and overall core strength.  I have been visiting Mexico for the last 2 months, doing your routines on the roof of the casa at sunrise/set. It rocks!”  – Justtc



“This is the most beautiful exercise on the planet. The filming, costumes, narration and locations make these DVDs worth watching. But, the work outs are out of this world. This is a whole body workout. And, way more fun than any exercise I have ever done. Shimmy 1 and Shimmy 2 have two full length DVDs and a huge variety of different workouts to choose from. I’m loving them all.” – Grandma



 Group of women belly dancers dancing outside at night



“I highly recommend this dvd if: you want to learn a new style of dance, want a low impact way of working out, burn some calories, and have a lot of fun. It will make you feel very beautiful, and empowered.”  –  Kiesha D



“C’mon, admit it! You’ve always wanted to try Belly Dancing, but the fear of signing up for a class and actually (gulp!) dance in front of other people has been holding you back!! Not anymore!! Get a delicious taste of belly dance in the comfort of your home!! The ladies of Shimmy break down the moves into simple steps and they repeat each of the movements several times throughout each episode so that you have several chances to practice them. – Dayle


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