Simone began her belly dance training in 1994 with Nahida and has continued exploring other cultures through movement with many masters including Raqia Hassan, Amir Thaleb, Yasmina Ramzy, Yousry Sharif, Jahlila and Suhaila Salimpour. Her tasteful and professional style of dance and her ability to interact with many people appeals to a wide audience. A favorite on the Vancouver belly dance scene since 1999, Simone has performed in numerous events throughout Vancouver and internationally, and still regularly entertains at many local Arabic, Persian, and Greek venues.


Simone has traveled the world, visiting countries such as Egypt, Syria, and Greece. She has also resided in Istanbul, Turkey, for a year to further understand the essence of Middle Eastern dance and the traditions and culture behind the movement. She is both student and teacher, believing in lifelong learning. However, her passion for this dance truly comes alive on stage. Simone’s style is rooted in traditional Oriental dance, but her modern styling creates an exciting style of dance that is a direct interpretation of the sensuality and drama of Middle Eastern dance. Her background as a trained pianist heightens her insight into the many layers and intricacies of Middle Eastern music, which is apparent in her ability to fuse music and dance. A spellbinding belly dancer, Simone impresses even the most sophisticated audiences!




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