Episode 2 - Cairo to Istanbul

Dance Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Fitness Category: Stretch and Strengthen

Target Zones: Hips and Glutes

Moving energy from the ground up, we begin this episode by stretching the legs, then spine, and finally the neck. Perfect for beginning dancers, this episode teaches belly dance fundamentals from the ‘Basic Egyptian Step’ to ‘Hip Circle’. Of course, nothing says Middle Eastern dance like the classic ‘Head Slide,’ and the variations we teach will give any dance routine an exotic flavour. The voluptuous Gillian then leads us through the sensual ‘Turkish Figure Eight.’ If it seem difficult to work the hips and the arms together, don’t worry — practice just the lower body movement the first time through and add the arm movements the next time. For more experienced dancers, try using your hands and eyes to draw attention to the movements like saucy blonde Shivaun and exotic Adalat.

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