For thousands of years, women from the cradle of civilization have celebrated their sensuality and the joy of movement with the ancient practice of belly dance. Shimmy is a complete belly dance video instructional system — a low-impact fitness approach perfect for everyone, from new moms getting their sensuality back, to athletes wanting to increase flexibility and grace, to the over fifty and still sexy set looking to stay fit.  Shimmy is a great introduction for those who have never belly danced, and an ideal practice tool and ‘tune-up’ for intermediate and advanced dancers.




Each episode begins with a relaxing warm-up in calming, lush surroundings to increase flexibility and prepare your muscles for the more vigorous movements to come. In each teaching section, we lead you through four to six belly dance movements suitable for all fitness levels and body types. The repeated motions tone hips, thighs, glutes, and abdominals while perfecting the sultry fluidity of belly dance movements, giving you the confidence to embrace your curves! In the performance section, the beautiful Shimmy dancers, women of every shape, size, and colour, combine the movements just taught into an energetic and stimulating low-impact aerobic workout. The episode ends as the dancers take inspiration from the movements taught throughout the entire series in a mesmerizing display of freestyle belly dance. Come Shimmy with us!


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