Episode 12 - Bellies in Beirut

Dance Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zones: Belly and Back

From the ‘Village Shimmy’, to the ‘Lebanese Hip Circles’, to ‘Zar Head’, moves taken from Middle Eastern folk dances give this episode a particularly authentic feel while ‘Shoulder Rolls’ add sensuality to our belly dance. Our gorgeous Shimmy Dancers teach the signature move that no belly dancer’s repertoire can be complete without: ‘Belly Rolls’. As well as being a smoking hot move, ‘Belly Rolls’ are a great way to tone abs and tighten your core without resorting to sit-ups! For some it comes naturally, but for others it takes effort. Take it slow, following the breakdown exactly, repeating until you can smooth it out. With patience and practice, soon you’ll be rolling along with us!

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