Born on the Silk Road, Adalat’s exotic beauty and joy in movement make her a natural performer and belly dancer. As a child of a dancer and a musician, she graduated from the Xinjiang Uighur Art Institute’s Dance Faculty and has performed as a featured guest artist with dance and music troupes throughout China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the United States, and Canada. She began her belly dance training with Rahma Haddad, a well-known and respected artist and one of the first and best belly dance teachers in Vancouver, Canada.


Adalat now performs Middle Eastern dance, Bollywood traditional dance, and traditional Central Asian dances (primarily Uighur dance) in festivals, special events, and theater productions. She regularly collaborates with Yasmina of Surrey, BC, as well as her troupe, the Sahara Dancers, which includes fellow Shimmy star Shivaun and Vancouver-based dancer Lana Gabor. Together, they perform Turkish, Egyptian, Tajik, and Uighur dances.


Adalat’s stunning technique, dedication and skills are surpassed only by the joy she brings to her performances. 


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