Episode 25 - Slithering and Circling

Dance Level: Advanced

Fitness Category: Stretch and Strengthen

Target Zones: Belly, Back, and Neck

Many of the moves in this intermediate episode have their origins in traditional women’s dances of the Middle East. ‘Zar Head’ is a movement meant to cleanse the body of negativity so be gentle with this powerful movement. ‘Lebanese Hip Circle’ and ‘Belly Roll’ can be simple to some, yet others have to work hard to get it right. No matter how tough it seems to you, keep at it – if you are good, you’ll get better, if you aren’t, you’ll learn! We next return to the classic steps of ‘Hip Piston’ and ‘Snake Arms.’ Advanced dancers should pay particular attention to posture and facial expressions – try to make it look easy! In the performance section, Karen’s rippling abs are a reminder that you don’t have to have a belly to be a belly dancer while the voluptuous Gillian shows us that a little extra flesh certainly doesn’t hurt either. Celebrate your body type with belly dance!

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