Shivaun came to belly dance through her love of Middle Eastern music and culture. While performing with the Turkish music group Eylul in Istanbul in the early 2000s, her manager noted that she was a pretty good dancer. This compliment encouraged Shivaun to be brave and buy the belly dance costume hanging in the Grand Bazaar. Upon moving to Vancouver in 2005, she figured her belly dance career was over. However, Shivaun soon met with the folks at Omnifilm and convinced her friends Kim, Simone, Adalat, Dominique and Karen to audition for a then-unnamed belly dance series!


Since her time as the associate producer and sometimes belly dancer on Shimmy, Shivaun has put herself through graduate school dancing in Vancouver. She is particularly well known for her balancing routines involving dancing with a sword on her head and while standing on top of a Turkish hand-drum. In addition, she performs dances from the Silk Road, from Greece to China, with Sahara Dancers, a troupe which includes fellow Shimmy star Adalat, as well as the stunning Lana Gabor.


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