When Gillian discovered belly dance as a teenager in 2002, she found a form that felt both intuitive and exhilarating from the first beat. Having minimal dance training before that point, she has since dove in head-first and dedicated herself fully to continuing to grow as a belly dancer and expanding her movement vocabulary. She is a founding member of Luciterra, which is her proudest accomplishment to date and an adventure that has transformed her life. In Vancouver, Gillian co-teaches Luciterra’s weekly dance classes, as well as Bellyfit®. As a performer and instructor of belly dance, she finds true joy in building community and helping to connect people through movement.


Gillian’s ATS and fusion belly dance training began in 2005 with Samantha Emanuel and 2006 with Lava and she also performed with Lava’s troupe, the Sisters of Alchemy, until 2010. Gillian holds certificates in Carolena Nericcio’s General Skills and Teacher Training, Bellyfit® Instructor Training and Master Instructor Training, and BCRPA’s Group Fitness Instructor Training. Gillian has been performing as a solo belly dancer since 2004 and with Luciterra since the beginning in Spring 2009. Performance highlights include The Duncan Garage Bellydance Extravaganza, In the House Festival, Tribal Fest, BassCoast Project, and Shambhala.


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