Frequently Asked Questions


Can I practice Shimmy while pregnant?

Yes! Belly dance has been practiced as a pre- and post- child birth exercise for centuries.  Pelvic and core strengthening has been shown to prepare your body for child birth and help recovery.



Am I too fat/ too skinny/ too old to do Shimmy?

Absolutely not! Belly dance is for everyone! If you find that Shimmy is too physically challenging, break it up into parts — just remember not to dance right into the performance section without a warm up.  



Can men do Shimmy?

Yes! There is a rich tradition of male belly dancers in the Middle East and, now,  around the world.  From glamorous drag-like performances to ultra-macho shows that leave the ladies screaming for more, men are more than welcome in the belly dance world.  



Where can I buy the Shimmy costumes?

Unfortunately the Shimmy costumes are not available for purchase.



What should I wear to practice Shimmy?

Take your cues for costuming from the Shimmy practice section.  Yoga or sweat pants and a tank top or just a sports bra.  A coin scarf will help you know when you are doing the moves correctly, but it you don’t have one, tying a scarf or even a sweater will help you get in the mood.  Most people practice belly dance barefoot but if you have foot or knee problems feel free to wear gym shoes.  



What are the health benefits of Shimmy?

Belly dance burns calories and is a great cardiovascular workout.  Moreover, Shimmy is a complete fitness program that will help you improve muscle tone and flexibility while building body awareness and confidence. 


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