Egyptian Figure Eight

The ‘Egyptian Figure Eight’ is the exact reverse of ‘Maya Hips.’ Whereas ‘Maya Hips’ draws circles from the top, the ‘Egyptian Figure Eight’ begins at the bottom of the circle. You may want to begin with ‘Maya Hips’ before attempting the ‘Egyptian Figure Eight.’ Begin standing with your feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward, and knees soft. Slightly bend your left knee, allowing the left hip to drop down slightly. You should feel a diagonal stretch from the right mid-abs to your left hip. Now push both hips slightly to the left, but do not allow the left hip to rise up yet. You should feel a stretch on the left side of your abdomen. Come up onto the heel of your left foot but do not allow the orientation of the toes to change and keep the hip sticking out to the left but allow that hip to rise up. Finally, stay with the left heel raised, right foot flat on the floor and allow the left hip to return to centre, still higher than the right hip. Continue the circle by allowing the left heel to return to the floor, slightly bending the left knee to return to the first point of the circle. Repeat several times on the left side, then several times on the right, before alternating left and right to draw a sideways figure eight on a vertical plane with the hip bones.