Tremor-Layered Figure Eight

This might be the most difficult move in the whole Shimmy program, so let’s begin by breaking the move down.

Unlike a ‘Shimmy,’ which is about being relaxed and just letting it happen, the ‘Tremor’ comes from being over-flexed. To get a feeling for the ‘Tremor,’ lie flat on your back, hands by your side. ONLY using your abdominal muscles, attempt to lift your legs about 8 inches off the floor. Did you feel your whole body tremor? This is the feeling we want to recreate while standing.

First, stand with your feet parallel, a few inches apart. Tighten all the muscles in your legs and abdomen, but keep the knees slightly bent. Whereas in the ‘Shimmy’, your knees are moving in opposition (left and right alternating), in the ‘Tremor,’ your knees move at the same time. Keep your knees stuck together and move them forward and back together. Keep your whole body tight as you shake, and don’t worry about shaking in time to the music.

Once you have got a feel for this, add the ‘Turkish Figure Eight’ (make sure you are not confusing it with the ‘Egyptian Figure Eight’). You may not need to review this move, as it is the ‘Tremor,’ rather than the ‘Figure Eight,’ which is the difficult part of this move, but, if you are having trouble with the breakdown of the ‘Turkish Figure Eight,’ try this:

Stand straight with your feet parallel, about hip-width apart. Put your weight on your right leg and move your right knee in a counterclockwise circle with your foot remaining flat. Feel what happens in your right buttock, hip and sole of your foot as you do this. Notice how your glute naturally flexes and releases and your weight moves around the edges of your foot. Your right hip is doing a circle without you even noticing! Now put the weight on your left foot and draw a circle clockwise with your left knee. Now your left hip is doing a circle! Practice both sides individually several times, with both feet flat, before attempting to put them together to draw a horizontal figure eight or infinity sign with your hips.