Episode 17 - Slides, Turns and Layers

Dance Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zones: Neck, Back and Hips

After a full-body stretch, your muscles awakened ready to move, we begin this episode by reviewing the fundamental belly dances moves ‘Hip Circle’, ‘Head Slide’, and a lower body shimmy. To create more advanced movements, we then combine them to create the ‘Shimmy-Layered Hip Circle’, and the ‘Tremor-Layered Figure Eight’ to create some of the most difficult moves in the Shimmy program. Combining moves from Middle Eastern folk dances like the ‘Sa’idi Step’ with skillful balletic flourishes, our ginger-haired beauty, Simone, makes this combination impressive and authentic. Notice how she draws attention to her hip movements with her eyes. Take inspiration from Karen and Shivaun’s backbend in the free-style portion and keep stretching, strengthening, and dancing!


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