Episode 13 - Ottoman Nights

Dance Level: Advanced

Fitness Category: Calorie-Burner

Target Zones: Glutes and Thighs

We begin this episode with a standing warm-up and stretch aimed at improving balance and enhancing grace and fluidity in our belly dance. In this episode, we return to the fundamentals, aiming for perfection of the ‘Basic Egyptian Step’, the ‘Sa’idi Step’, and the ‘Turkish Figure Eight.’ Next, we take the basics to a new level, adding variations to create the most challenging moves in the whole series: the ‘Tremor-Layered Figure Eight’ and the ‘Shimmy-Layered Hip Circle’. If you can’t layer these moves together the first time through, you are not alone! Keep practicing the moves separately and then try putting them together on your second or third time through. A little bit of extra belly really accentuates these moves so pay attention to the sensuous ripples our voluptuous Manon creates while performing the tremor. After, treat yourself to a bowl of pasta! Why diet when you can Shimmy?

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