Sa’idi Step

Like most folk dance steps, the ‘Sa’idi Step’ – a move from Upper Egypt – is not difficult. It is simply a matter of coordinating your legs and arms. What puts the spice in this step is the quick turn on the end.  But that turn can leave some feeling dizzy.  The fluid in our inner ear controls our balance. As we get older, this fluid responds less quickly and therefore the older you are, the more you must be sure to ‘spot’ when turning. Think about how ballerinas quickly spin their head around when doing a pirouette so that they are always facing the audience; this actually helps the dancer to not get dizzy.

Stand straight up, facing a wall as your reference and pick a spot on the wall at about eye level.  While looking at that spot, slowly turn your body to the left (counter-clockwise), twisting your neck and torso so that you are still looking at the spot while the rest of your body is turning. Your lower body will almost be able to face the opposite direction as your upper body and neck twist. Now quickly turn your head to the left so that you can see the spot from the other side. Continue moving your body to the left so you are facing the same wall, back to where you started. Practice this several times and apply the same principle to the quick turn in the ‘Sa’idi Step.’ It will most definitely take time to learn. In the beginning, you may feel even dizzier from all those turns. If so, take a short break and practice a grounding move like the ‘Village Shimmy’ before continuing.