Ghawazee Step

The Arabic word “Ghawazee” means conqueror as the Ghawazee dancers were said to conquer the hearts of their audiences. The trick to this move is really in the foot positioning. Begin by putting your feet flat on the floor, the right foot at a right angle to the left and allow the left hip to stick out to the left side. Rise up onto the ball of the left foot and allow your left hip to rise up and out to the left. Then take a step (about eight inches) to the right with the right foot. Keep it turned at a right angle and place the right foot flat, keeping on the ball of the left foot with the left hip sticking out. Bring the left foot to meet the right foot at a right angle, staying on the ball of your left foot. Finally, allow the left heel to come down to the floor and your left hip to return to a normal position. You’ve now returned to your starting position. Phew! All that for only one step!

Repeat these steps again and notice that your left hip is moving out, up, in, and returning to center in a circle. Think of the left hip as a wheel propelling you to the right. Repeat this for a total of four steps. On the fourth step, turn to go the other direction so that the right foot is facing forward and the left foot is at a right angle to the right foot, and move to the left. Practice large steps like this slowly and as you speed up, take smaller steps.