Episode 15 - Camel in the Cabaret

Dance Level: Beginner

Fitness Category: Calorie-Burner

Target Zones: Chest and Thighs

Harness the power of the ocean and the stillness of the forest as we perform a full-body stretch to lengthen and strengthen muscles before we dance. For intermediate and advanced dancers, have your veil ready to add to the moves in this episode. If you’re looking to burn more calories, really kick your hip out in the ‘Ghawazee Step’, the ‘M and M’s’, and the ‘Cabaret Shimmy’ like our blonde belly dance bombshell Shivaun. As well, keep your arms high up in the ‘Side-Step Arm Sweep’ like voluptuous Manon. The ‘Chest Camel’ is a fabulous upper-back stretch and helps tone those muscles neglected by those of us with desk jobs – and it feels like a back massage from the inside out. The final sequence features all seven of the Shimmy Dancers simply delighting in the sisterhood of the dance. Why not invite your friends to Shimmy with you!

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