Shoulder Shimmy

For some, this move is ridiculously easy, but for others, it takes work. If you are one of those who have to work at this, try performing it in front of a mirror first. Begin by moving just one shoulder at a time backwards and then forwards. If you are right-handed, start with your right shoulder, if you are left-handed, start with the left. Practice until you are comfortable working one shoulder, then alternate right and left. As you get better, pick up the pace. However, remember to isolate just your shoulders — don’t let your torso twist. For some people, there is a tendency to move your hips while doing the ‘Shoulder Shimmy.’ If that describes you, try performing the ‘Shoulder Shimmy’ while sitting down so that you can’t shake your hips along with the shoulders.

If you are particularly ‘busty,’ you may consider very slightly lifting the shoulders (just a half an inch) so that things don’t start to sway!