Episode 1 - Hips, Hops and a Shimmy

Dance Level: Beginner

Fitness Category: Calorie-Burner

Target Zones: Hips and Thighs

The spine is the stem of the tree of life, supporting body and mind. We begin this episode with a relaxing warm-up focusing on stretching and strengthening the spine. The Shimmy Dancers – beautiful women of all shapes, colours and sizes — then lead you through a series of fundamental belly dance moves like the ‘Shoulder Shimmy’ and ‘Hip Rotation’, making this a perfect episode for those new to belly dance or those wanting to go back to basics. The ‘1, 2, 3 Hop’ and the ‘Hip Pop’ give the final choreography a Turkish-style zest, along with being a great cardio workout. Beginning dancers may find the speed of the dance in the performance section very quick, but don’t worry! Go through the instructional section a few more times and you’ll be able to dance along with our sassy Dominique in no time!

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