Episode 14 - Shimmying Circles

Dance Level: Beginner

Fitness Category: Stretch and Strengthen

Target Zones: Arms and Glutes

We begin this episode by reviewing a fundamental belly dance movement: the ‘Hip Rotation’. Perfecting this move will enable you to perform the ‘Cut Turn,’ an essential movement for any dancer. While learning ‘Chest Circles,’ you’ll likely notice that one direction is much easier than the other, but don’t just stick to doing the direction you’re good at! Practicing this move in both directions will even out your upper back and chest muscles and help to relieve the upper back pain so many of us feel after a long day hunched over a computer. Many beginning dancers tend to focus on steps, but for professional belly dancers — often performing in crowded clubs and restaurants without raised stages — upper body movements like ‘Liquid Arms’ and ‘Shoulder Shimmy’ are what the audience notices. Note how these sensuous upper body movements suit our curvaceous Gillian. When it comes to belly dance, the curve is definitely mightier than the sword!

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