M and M’s

Like many belly dance moves, the precision of this move comes from control of your glutes. To get the feeling of this move, stand with feet parallel, and “come on baby, let’s do the twist” – you know how! Just twist your hips back and forth. Now come up onto the ball of your left foot, keeping your right foot flat, flex your left glute and keep twisting on the ball of your left foot. Now slow down the twist, keeping that left glute flexed. Twist your left hip as far forward as possible, then relax your left glute, feeling a “plop” as your hip naturally drops down. That is the first point of your M! Flex that left glute again, which will raise the hip, and twist it back to the middle, then relax the glute with that same “plop” – second point of the M! Finally, flex that glute again, twisting back as far as you can with the left hip, and release for the final point of the M! Keep twisting that left hip, flexing and releasing the glute to draw an M both forward and back. Belly dance isn’t all about being dark and mysterious. Sometimes it’s just fun!