Episode 18 - The Camel’s Garden

Dance Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zones: Hips and Back

Let our fabulously fit mother-of-three, Karen, guide you through a warm-up focusing on spinal strength and flexibility. Don’t worry if you are not as flexible as her — Karen used to be a gymnast! Just try to stretch every day, a little further every time you repeat the lesson, and you will be amazed at your progress. This episodes adds some modern, balletic flair to traditional belly dance movements to create a sophisticated fusion. If you are an advanced dancer, attempt to do the ‘Grapevine’ and ‘Falling Leaves’ on demi-point as this will challenge your balance and add a gracefulness when mastered. Taking the ballet step ‘Ronde de Jambe,’ we add a hip dip to give it an Egyptian flavour. Notice the difference between lusciously exotic Manon’s precise ‘M and M’s’ with only her hips moving in isolation, and the way that statuesque redhead Simone puts her whole body into the sensual ‘Chest Camel.’ Can’t decide which you prefer? Try both!

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