Hip Pop

Like many of the hip-centered moves, the key to the ‘Hip Pop’ is to engage your glutes while using the correct foot position. Pick up your left foot and place the ball of your foot a few inches in front of your right foot, which remains flat on the floor. Allow your left knee to bend and keep that left heel raised high. Now flex your left glute quickly and release. Notice how your hip quickly pops out and up. Practice this a few times. Keep your right foot flat on the ground, pick up your left foot and place the ball of your left foot three or four inches behind your right foot. Do exactly the same thing as you did with the front – quickly flex and release the left glute, keeping your left heel high off the floor and allowing your left knee to straighten slightly. Accent the movement by looking back at your left hip. Practice this a few times, then practice alternating from a front pop to a back pop. The faster you perform this move, the smaller the distance between your feet will be.