This move can be quite plain on its own, but paying attention to a few key points will give it a more elegant, Middle Eastern flavour. First let’s get a hold of the basic foot pattern: stand up straight, feel parallel.   Cross your left foot in front of your right foot, then move your right foot to the right.  Next, your left foot goes behind your right foot and your right foot moves right.  Again one more time, your left foot moves in front of your right, then point your right foot out to the right with just the toe touching the floor.  And now the other direction: right foot crosses in front of left, left foot moves left, right behind left, left moves left, right moves in front and left foot points out to the left with just the toe touching. Have you tripped yet?

Once you have mastered the foot pattern try to do the whole thing on demi-pointe (the balls of your feet) a few times through to add a graceful balletic feel. Remember that the pattern is: cross in front, cross in back, cross in front, point the foot.  

Now let’s make this move belly dance! Moving left first, when you cross your left foot in front, allow the left hip to twist to the front of your body, keeping your shoulders and head facing forward. When you put your left foot behind, allow your right hip to twist out. Finally, when you point your right foot out, look down at the toe. The same principle applies to the other direction: when the right foot comes in front, twist the right hip in front but keep your head and shoulders facing forward. When the right foot comes behind, twist the left hip forward. This twisting and turning of the hips will give the move an authentic Middle Eastern folk dance flavour while pointed toes and demi-point will give it grace and elegance.