Episode 7 - The Hanging Garden

Dance Level: Beginner

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zones: Thighs and Belly

Take inspiration from the incredible flexibility and strength of our tri-athlete and mother of three, Karen, with a yoga-inspired warm-up to get your body ready to Shimmy. Graceful arm movements add an emotional element to the dance as the Shimmy Dancers display a variety of traditional and cabaret upper-arm and hand movements like ‘Falling Leaves.’ Next we review the essential belly dance moves, the ‘Head Slide’ and the ‘Hip Circle.’  Watch how a basic travelling step like the ‘Grapevine’ and the ballet-inspired ‘Ronde de Jambe’ take on a sensual Middle Eastern flavour simply by emphasizing the hip. Every part of your body has a voice, so let it sing!


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