Full Camel

The ‘Full Camel’ is an advanced move, comprised of the ‘Chest Camel’ and the ‘Ripple.’ Before attempting the ‘Full Camel,’ review both of these moves. 

To create the ‘Full Camel,’ begin with the ‘Chest Camel.’ Use the upper back and chest muscles to push the chest forward then up, then relax to allow the chest to come back to its original position. At the same time as you drop your chest down, sink into your knees and allow your bum to stick out just a little to begin your ‘Ripple.’ Now flex your glutes to push the pelvis forward. Keeping the glutes flexed, tighten your lower abs and scoop the pelvis up. Suck in the upper abs for just a fraction of a second, then relax everything and sink into your knees to return to where you started. Don’t worry if this all seems overwhelming. The ‘Ripple’ on its own is a difficult move and adding it to the ‘Chest Camel’ can be very difficult. Just keep breaking it down and believe that one day the move will flow through your body like a river of energy.