Episode 20 - The Camel and the Snake

Dance Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zones: Chest, Back and Arms

Ease into the dance as curvaceous Gillian leads you in a gentle stretch to awaken your muscles. The combination of the ‘Ripple’ and ‘Chest Camel’ added on to a travelling step to create the ‘Full Camel’, makes this an intermediate episode — so feel free to repeat the instructional portion a few times before moving onto the performance section. The addition of ‘Snake Arms’ and level changes makes this our most sensual episode in the whole Shimmy series. In belly dance, it is often the slowest movements which are the most difficult to master, but stretching and regular practice will bring grace and fluidity. Notice the exquisite beauty as dance partners and old friends Adalat and Shivaun perform the ‘Hip Piston’ in perfect synchronization. Dancing together creates sisterhood, so invite your friends to “Shimmy” with you.

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