15 minute Belly Dance Booty Workout


Get a Bootylicious With Workout Using 4 Authentic Belly Dance Moves 


Belly Dance is one of the only dance forms that accepts all body types – in fact, a little junk in the trunk will add a natural shimmy to every one of your steps. Try this workout to celebrating the bootylicious by strengthening your glutes with no squats.  


Get a beautiful booty with belly dance

Get a beautiful booty with belly dance.


Village Shimmy


Begin with a Village Shimmy to loosen up your whole body and prepare your muscles for stretching and strengthening in this bootylicious workout. Keep your knees relaxed, never locked, and moving back and forth, working in opposition to each other as quickly as you can. Keep your pelvis tucked under, shoulders down and try to keep your body as relaxed as possible. Maintain this Shimmy for one minute.


Basic Egyptian Step


Begin building your booty with the ‘Basic Egyptian Step‘– a fundamental belly dance move. Stand with your feet flat, weight on your right foot. Place the ball of your left foot a few inches in front of your right foot, but do not transfer your weight to your left foot. Remember to tuck your pelvis under as this will help the movement come from the side, then forward. Now simply flex your left glute — this will inevitably cause the left knee to straighten slightly. To practice, flex that glute and release it a few times, and then switch sides. When you are comfortable switching sides, alternate quickly from one side to the other for 2 minutes


Cut Turn


Next, move on to the Cut Turn — the basic belly dance turn. Begin with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Come up onto the ball of you right foot and twist toes slightly inwards as you flex your right glute. Release the glute and allow the foot to turn out and move forward 4 or 5 inches, as though you were kicking a soccer ball. Place the ball of the foot down and twist the toes in again while flexing the glute. Keep flexing and using the foot to pivot around until you have completed a full circle. Repeat on the left side.


Hip Circle


Our final booty-building move is the ‘Hip Circle — a sexy belly dance booty-builder.  Begin with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and simply flex both glutes. Notice how this naturally pushes your pelvis slightly forward. Relax your glutes, and notice how your pelvis returns to centre. Flex both glutes – pelvis moves forward. Relax the right glute and flex the left glute harder – hips move left. Relax both glutes, moving your hips to the centre, slightly tucking your pelvis in and sticking your bum out. Flex the right glute – hips move right. Squeeze your bum cheeks together, returning the hips to center and pelvis slightly forward to complete the circle. Practice this several times, hitting four distinct points, then smooth it out to form sensual circles for one minute. Now practice in the opposite direction for one minute.


Stretch it Out


When you are all finished, do the warm up in Episode 19: Turns with a Bounce. This will stretch out all the muscles that you have just worked out in this Belly Dance Booty Workout


Make This Workout Dance!


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