What’s in Your Gig Bag?

Part of the fun of being a belly dancer is the spontaneity of our community — but this can lead to stress.  You never want to miss out on a last minute gig because you don’t have time to get ready.  A gig-bag with all the essentials means that you will always be ready to rush off to join in the fun at any party on the spur of the moment.




Essential items for Your Gig-Bag


a travel sewing kit including safety pins — avoid costume malfunctions before they happen


perfume or deodorant 


dance shorts (or simply a full-coverage bikini bottom) — many costumes are very revealing and you don’t want the audience to get more than they bargained for


a CD and an mp3 player with your music — you can never be sure which music system your dance venue will have


a veil or shall — can be used during your performance and also to cover-up before and after your show


business cards


mascara and bright red lip stick — even if you are not wearing any other make-up,  a touch of mascara and a streak of lip stick will make you stage ready in seconds



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