What’s Your Ancient Turkish Horoscope?

Belly dance takes many of its movements from ancient Egyptian, Turkish, and Persian dances. The ancient Turks were a shamanist culture that believed that divine energy could be found in the natural world. They believed our fortunes could be influenced by this divine energy and developed systems to explain this, including this system of 36 astrological signs which influenced a person’s character. What would the ancient Turks have said about you?   


(21-31 March): In control, proud, a leader, career oriented, a good manager.

(1-10 April): Optimistic, idealistic, romantic, creative, will work their whole lives to make their dreams come true.

(11-20 April): Sensitive, logical, honest, loyal, just, a good manager, jealous, likes to be in the lead.

(21-30 April): stubborn, emotional, easily-offended, creative, can see the good side and the bad side of everything.

(1-10 May): Keeps emotions contained, sensible, tough, has the spirit of a child, loyal, pure-hearted.

(11-21 May): Energetic, always seeking knowledge, marvelous at love, a leader, heroic.

(22-31 May): Has a vivid imagination, virtuous, idealist, will keep promises, a leader when it comes to writing and ideas, multifaceted, talented.

(1-10 June): Order-loving, proud, believes in destiny, does things according to plan, tight-lipped, will not accept lies and betrayal.

(11-21 June): Logical, brilliant, optimistic, a show-off, critical, believes in destiny, interested in mysticism, interested in art and literature.

(22-30 June): Fussy, a sweet-talker, keeps everything inside, stubborn, vengeful, talented, intuitive, creative.

(1-11 July): Puts emotion before logic, has the spirit of a child, unbalanced, has a tendency to be lazy, has difficulty making decisions, pessimistic, talented.

(12-22 July): A dreamer, has a good memory, often misses the ‘good old days’, has a strong emotional life, honest, loves music and politics.

(23-31 July): Proud, intelligent, puts too much importance on financial problems, attractive.

(1-12 August): A good friend, a gossip, a leader, loves to be number one, adventurous.

(13-23 August): Emotional, sensitive, proud, adventurous.

(24 August-1 September): Talented in economics, the arts and literature, honest, a humanitarian, creative, bossy.

(2-13 September): Has a good physique, optimistic, prone to depression, strong-willed, lucky, proud, sensitive, traditional.

(14-23 September): Bossy, proud, does not change their opinion easily, tough, intelligent, emotional, shy about their love life, would be a good writer.

(24 September-3 October): Polite, sensitive, has a strong sense of responsibility and conscience, honest, complex, a show-off, a dreamer, interested in design and fashion.

(4-12 October): Emotional, organized, energetic, believes in destiny, a humanist.

(13-23 October): Optimistic, honest, moral, logical, critical, has a strong sixth-sense, lucky, a leader, a philosopher.

(24 October-1 November): Freedom-loving, can be dictatorial, has a complicated soul, can be bi-polar, brave, can be cruel, a true friend, attractive, a leader.

(2-12 November): Decisive, proud, a warrior, loves sports and the arts.

(13-22 November): Conservative, self-sacrificing, idealist, cunning, has two characters, pragmatic.

(23 November-2 December): Objective, curious, balanced.

(3-12 December): Talented, unbalanced, a mystic, can be thoughtless, decisive, cannot be understood, polite, sensitive, proud, jealous.

(13-21 December): Has a strong character, a worrier, suspicious, lucky, loves to give orders, active, frugal, can be cruel.

(22 December-1 January): Strong-willed, hard-working, heroic, has few friends, can get angry without reason, will have a relaxed retirement.

(2-12 January): Easily-offended, demanding, easily-angered, vengeful, pessimistic.

(13-20 January): Logical, critical, loves debate, emotional, loyal, a free-thinker, proud, will live a long time.

(21 January-1 February): Can be cruel, a genius, a leader, talented in music and dance.

(2-10 February): Tidy, realist, interested in aesthetics and astronomy, loves novelty, sometimes love activity and sometimes loves relaxation.

(11-18 February): Emotional, a dreamer, a leader, has an open future, interested in mysticism, pessimistic, creative.

(18-28 (29) February): A poet and artist, unbalanced, attractive, has difficulty making decisions, has a vibrant love life, cunning, polite, emotional.

(1-9 Mart): Good-hearted, repressed, a sweet-talker, elegant, idealist, bossy, can be gloomy, a dreamer.

(10-20 Mart): Restless, proud, an artist, free, prone to depression and anxiety