The Origins of “Shimmy” TV

In 2006 OmniFilm created the award winning Namaste — a stunning yoga series produced in filmed in gorgeous Vancouver, Canada.  Namaste inspired thousands of people around the world to take up the practice of yoga.  The folks of OmniFilm were overwhelmed with the positive response of fans and wanted to produce more shows introducing fans to different fitness and dance practices.



In 2007, Shivaun was working on the Amnesty International Film Festival with Michelle McMahon, director of dramatic development at OmniFilm.   When Michelle learned that Shivaun was a belly dance, she informed her that, on the heels of Namaste OmniFilm decided to make an equally stunning show to display the beauty of belly dance.   Soon Shivaun met with composer Tim McCauley and they produced a demo of Shimmy!  As soon as Shivaun told her friends Karen, Dominique, Adalat, Simone, and choreographer Kim about the project, they were as excited about the project as she was.  After auditions of dancers from south-western Canada and the north-western United States, Manon and Gillian joined the sisterhood which became the Shimmy dancers!     


Months of planning choreography, choosing moves, designing costumes, filming in the freezing cold (!), and the tireless efforts of the behind the stage crew led to 26 episodes of the the most beautiful and belly dance program ever produced.  Moreover, the friendships that the Shimmy dancers formed during those months continue to grow.


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