Episode 19 - Turns with a Bounce

Dance Level: Intermediate

Fitness Category: Calorie-Burner

Target Zones: Hips, Glutes and Arms

A woman’s center of gravity is in her hips: if there is tightness in the hips, the whole body’s balance and movement are affected. With so much of our lives spent sitting – in cars, on buses, in front of the TV and computer – our hips become weak and tight. As such, we begin this episode with an intense hip opening. If you feel that one side is more flexible than the other, this is normal. Feel free to repeat the warm-up, focusing energy on the tight side, in order to achieve balance. A little time on this will pay off as we practice the ‘Hip Bounce’ and the ‘Three-Quarter Shimmy’ — a difficult but fundamental belly dance movement. Watch our most experienced dancer, Adalat, demonstrate precision when performing the ‘Expressive Hand Gestures,’ and observe Gillian and Shivaun’s energy as they bring youthful vitality to the ‘Three-Step Turn’. Every dancer brings their own style to this ancient practice. What do you bring?

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