Episode 21 - Ethnic Fluidity

Dance Level: Beginner

Fitness Category: Tighten and Tone

Target Zones: Chest, Back and Arms

Belly dancing takes not only skill and flexibility, but strength and passion. We begin with a warm-up to stretch and strengthen the leg and back muscles. Big, strong glutes help you move with control, as well as emphasizing the female form. In the travelling step in ‘Hip Piston,’ ‘Village Shimmy.’ and all the level changes, squeeze the working glute to bring an extra kick to the movement. The elaborate upper body movements, such as ‘Liquid Arms,’ ‘Chest Circles,’ and ‘Shoulder Rolls’ taught in this episode, help you communicate emotions and passions that words cannot express. In the freestyle section, dance with Simone and Adalat and celebrate the joy of movement. As this episode is a real muscle-builder, consider repeating the warm-up again to use the heat that you’ve just built up to improve flexibility as you stretch.


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